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Stefania Sigurdson Forbes

Office Detox is a show about business. Just like any great story, business is a battleground. The quote from Edmond Burke is very relevant here: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” If we, who are basically trying to just make a living and do more good than harm are too passive, the rest – predators, narcissists and more are going to take over the place. All of the things that we love about business will vanish, leaving the thieves and conmen. It may be too late already – but call me an optimist? I’m going to try. And there is so much to love. In business, you can create your life. You are not in the safety of a lab or an educational institution. You are out in the real world – creating things that other people need. Ruled by the invisible hand of economics. Throughout the series, we are taking a look at the different factors, some of which were part of commerce and trade since it started, and others that have joined us more recently. Welcome to Office Detox - I’m your host, Stefania Sigurdson Forbes. If I didn’t love business, I wound not be doing this. But – there is a big gap between where business is, and where it could be. So my friends, let’s get started. And say hey business… we can do better.