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The Emotionally Unstable Workplace - Amnesty International

June 15, 2019 Stefania Sigurdson Forbes
Office Detox Podcast
The Emotionally Unstable Workplace - Amnesty International
Show Notes

Have you ever walked into a place, and it is a pressure cooker? Like the pressure is so high you can hardly breathe? Like the pressure is so high, that it will blow at any minute? You may be working in an emotionally unstable workplace.

In episode 3 of Season 1 of Office Detox, we explore the unstable workplace, through the lens of the suicides of Gaetan Mootoo and Roz McGregor of Amnesty International.

On the night of the 25th of May, Gaetan Mootoo killed himself, aged 65, in the Paris offices of the famous human rights NGO. This researcher specializing in French-speaking Africa, unanimously respected, has spent his entire career, started 32 years earlier, there. He left behind his son, Robin and his wife Martyne.  Five weeks later, 25-year-old intern, Roz McGregor. "Roz has been overwhelmingly described as a smart, motivated, ambitious, and enthusiastic person. She has been described often as 'bubbly'. Roz's work at IAP was of high quality and she was recognized as an excellent intern."

We dig into this story, and everything behind it. We also give tips on what you can do if you are in an emotionally unstable workplace right now. 


Dangerous Personalities by Joe Navarro - this includes the emotionally unstable personality "checklist"



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